Whether it is the dead of winter, or the beginning of a promising spring, here at Kovitch & Son we have an array of services design to promote horticultural health and provide safety during harsh winter storms. This includes landscape design, lawn maintenance and snow removal for both commercial and residential properties. As your horticultural specialists, we go the extra mile to not just design and plant what will look good, but also what will thrive in the surroundings. This in turn, will directly correlate with how robust and full your plant life will appear.

Unmatched Customer Service & Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on not only our superior snow removal and lawn maintenance services for Bucks County, Montgomery County, PA and Mercer County, NJ, but also on our unmatched customer service. Our promise to you is that all phone calls will be returned within 24 hours and most maintenance requests will be performed within 72 hours.

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If you are in need of efficient snow removal professionals or attentive plant and landscape specialists to help give your environment a touch of horticultural beauty, please get in touch with us today! To contact us for more information or to receive your free quote, simply call us at 215-752-4038, or fill out our contact form and a member of our team will be with you shortly!